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· 12 min read
Garo Yeriazarian

Previous Post in Series: Upgrading the .NET Core 3.0 React SPA Template to Celery Architecture

In the previous post, we refactored the backend of the template application into a "Celery" (or "Vertical Slice") architecture with feature folders. For the frontend single-page application (SPA), we'll refactor in a few simple ways.

This post assumes you are familiar with the basics of React and can follow along. If this isn't the case, you should run through some of the tutorial materials first. The ones on the React site are a great starting point to get you moving, and you can probably follow along by reading my code in GitHub as well.

· 7 min read

.NET Core 3.0 is out and it's chock full of new features to get your application off the ground faster. I'm working on a greenfield application for managing a small church that:

  • Tracks community members and the mailing list
  • Handles weekly checklists and tasks
  • Links up with the accounting software to track donations
  • Handles simple expense reporting for reimbursements
  • And ... that's it for now (gotta start somewhere!)

As I work through these, I'll talk through the development process, the settings, take screen shots and point out any salient code snippets. I'm using this as my vehicle for learning more of the new ins and outs of .NET Core 3.0 and React 16.8+, along with demonstrating ways to manage infrastructure as code and deploy everything in Azure. All the code will be kept open (forcing me to make sure I don't commit anything dumb like passwords or my credit card number).