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· 12 min read
Garo Yeriazarian

Previous Post in Series: Upgrading the .NET Core 3.0 React SPA Template to Celery Architecture

In the previous post, we refactored the backend of the template application into a "Celery" (or "Vertical Slice") architecture with feature folders. For the frontend single-page application (SPA), we'll refactor in a few simple ways.

This post assumes you are familiar with the basics of React and can follow along. If this isn't the case, you should run through some of the tutorial materials first. The ones on the React site are a great starting point to get you moving, and you can probably follow along by reading my code in GitHub as well.

· 10 min read
Garo Yeriazarian

I've been super excited lately about building JAM stack sites using GatsbyJS, and I recently setup a way for our church website to be updated from Facebook, Office 365 calendar, and static content automatically, hosting them on Azure simply.

· 4 min read
Garo Yeriazarian

As is tradition, the first post on a blog should talk about how the blog was created and setup. However, against tradition, I did not build my own blog site from scratch. Instead, I was looking into GatsbyJS and JAMStack style generators, and I really liked the plugin approach. What tickles the software developer in me is the GraphQL based query system that's baked into the core of the system. It allows you to add levels of abstraction to the content that you source through plugins, and query subsets of the data at compile time that you can then render into views at browse time.